I’m sure most of you know that I also have a hair accessory business – these are some images I took today of a  completed order for Ladyee Boutique. I think they turned out really cute…and wish I saved some for myself to wear!


Cowboy’s Dream!

I had a great time visiting this family as they celebrated another 1st birthday!! Can’t get enough of those baby blues and boots.


These three boys always keep me on my toes…and make some of the best expressions – you can’t help but smile!

Here at the Uniquely U factory…have been super busy!! …so much so, we haven’t updated the website with these fabulous new sessions going on! Here’s a quick review…from the last few months!

Waiting for Sydney

Share as this family welcomes a new member! How exciting!

It was pretty warm today in GA – and there is nothing like capturing a great moment in time with a photo!


Celebrating a 5th birthday party with the theme of “Dinosaur Train” at Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum, couldn’t have been more perfectly fitted!


Ah, Gottcha!

Had the pleasure of doing a quick set with a highschool friend. Such a pleasure to work with! More to come…

One of my dearest friends has finally decided to jump the broom! I was honored when she asked me to do their engagement pictures. Thanks, Clarke!!

Football party for a 5 year old…!! I think this cake alone tells you the amount of detail and planning that went into pulling off a great event for kids and adults alike! Happy Birthday, J!